On the Pilgrimage Route between the Secular and the Sacred:
Inauguration of the New Miqwe (Ritual Bath) Path at the Ophel Site in the
Walls Around Jerusalem National Park

Stories, smells and a bite of tastes

The German Colony

Easy Tours

A tour along Emek Refaim, the main street in Jerusalem’s German Colony.

alongside King David Street

The Temple Mount Sifting Project uncovers the glorious past of the Temple Mount

The tour starts at the Lions Gate and ends at the Church of the Holy

The tour will lead us around the sites of the Temple Mount. Highlights include the al-Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the Rock and the Golden Gate

The tour begins at the Western Wall Plaza and takes us through the sites of ancient Jerusalem

Destruction and Reconstruction – The Jewish Quarter tour begins across Zion Gate and ends at the national memorial site to the Defenders of the Jewish Quarter.

We are in front of Zion Gate, one of the eight gates in Jerusalem’s Old City walls


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