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Tour Style: Private/ VIP tours, Family Tours, History & Archeology, Action Tours, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Tours, Culinary Tours, Pilgrimage, Bible Tours, Jewish Heritage,
 Born: USA

Each corner you turn or stone you turn over in Israel has a story; be it ancient or modern, political or religious, fact or legend, I will make sure that Israel keeps you on your toes. I breathe life into the major timeworn attractions while never forsaking the small pleasures around them.

Underground tunnels that won’t release you without a humble crawl through the mud, ethnic finger foods that blend savory and sweet in new ways on your tongue, speeding Segways along mountainsides (who knew a Segway went that fast?), ratcheting up the adrenaline on a cross-valley zipline, the possibilities are just below the surface – and we’ll do more than just scratch it.

Follow the “Jesus trail”, or stand at the site of Mohammad’s flight to heaven on his winged steed (named Al-Buraq, in case you were wondering), all the while imbibing the history of the Jewish people in the promised land from ancient times to the rebirth of Israel. Sunny, sandy beaches, modern art and architecture, mind-blowing hi-tech and eco tours, lip-smacking delicacies, arduous trekking, let-your-hair-hang-down night-life – all in a day’s (or night’s… don’t let me stop you!) fun.  Is that a vacation or what?

An experienced Tour Guide, IDF Spokeswomen, TV Show Hostess, Producer and Travel Writer, I’ll fit you like a glove.  A small glove – I’m 5’3” – but definitely snug.  If you have kids, I’ve got them covered, too (see my Israel Junior Tours). You’ll all be enriched by a unique combination of erudition and fun.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I drive safely and will be happy to take you around in a dedicated touring vehicle – not something to take lightly in a region famous for awesome humus and, well, atrocious driving (that’s what happens when half the society gets a tank or pilot’s license before a regular license).
I specialize in one-day tours that are either Jerusalem or TLV based.

You can see my tours at:
Among the tours I conduct are:

Jerusalem walking tours:

Old city tours: 4 Quarters, Old City night life, Hidden Large Churches in Jerusalem, Segway tours, The Underground Tunnels of Ancient Jerusalem, Old City Market Tours, The Christian Patriarchs Tour, King David’s Jerusalem in “The City of David”, Old City Archeological tour, Christian Jerusalem, The Muslim Quarter
o   New City tours: Culinary Bread Tour, Culinary Preparation for Sabbath Tour, Ein Carem’s 3 Religion tour, Yad Vashem and Israel Museum tour and more
o   Jerusalem Vicinity
o  Jerusalem’s Backdoors: Gush Atzion region with its biblical water tunnels, Mikva’s and Extreme Sports
o    South to the Dead sea, Ein Gedi, Masada and the Salt Mountain
o    Shfela Regions Spelunking Cave tours
o    Winery Tours in the Judean Hills
Tel Aviv Tours:
o    Jaffa’s ancient port and flee Market, Tel Aviv’s Soho, The History of Tel Aviv and Israel: The On Rothchild Street Tour, Tel Aviv and the Heads of Zionism, Best Clubbing Scenes, Market Culinary and Art Tour
o    Tel Aviv Vicinity tours:
o    The Ancient Royal and Artificial Port of Caesarea
o    The Carmel Mountain Winery Tours
o    Agricultural Tours: Farming in the desert
o    Theme
o    Bar/Bat Mitzva
o    Family or Friends
o    VIP Business Tours
o    Pilgrimage
o    Israel Junior Tours- Israel for kids!

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