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ABOUT Shimi Oron:


B.A. in Universal History – Tel-Aviv University

Graduate of the department for Israel General Studies (a 3 year program) at the Absalom Institute; after graduation I worked as a tutor at the Absalom Institute.

Graduate of the Tourist Guides’ course at the National School of Tourism – Tel-Aviv branch

License No 8337; Eshkol Vehicle – Authorized vehicle by the Israel Ministry of Tourism for tourist guides; Type of Vehicle: Mitsubishi Grandis 2011 (carries a guide + 6 passengers)

Languages: Hebrew, French, English

Places of Tours: Jerusalem, Israel’s Coastal Plain, Upper Galilee, Lower Galilee + the Valleys, the Lowland (Shephelah), the Negev Plateau and the go-around the Sea of Galilee, Negev and the Arava.

Types of Excursions: History and archeology, touring the country along the Bible, battle stories and the military history of Israel, the Jewish pioneering settlers and Zionism, pilgrimage and Christianity in Israel.

All Types of Tours at various sites and in different styles; itineraries are adjusted to each group of people touring according to its characteristics.

Formation Tours: for groups, institutions and organizations throughout the country and in accordance with the group’s type and the nature of the specific event.

Family Tours: by bus or by private vehicles at various sites according to the year’s seasons and the event’s nature.

Special tours adapted to the elderly and retired people.

Urban Tours: unique excursions to Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, Safed, Tiberias, Ramla and more.

Guiding French and English speakers




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