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ABOUT Shahar Shilo:

NAME   Shahar Shilo

D.O.B.    May 30th 1967

FAMILY STATUS   Married with 3 children


HAIFA UNIVERSITY, (2013) – PhD student.

HAIFA UNIVERSITY, (2011) – M.A. in history + tourism expert diploma – graduated with great honors.


M.B.A. in Business Management, majoring in marketing and tourism.

BEIT BERL COLLEGE:  1990 – 1993 Bachelor of Education in the art of “Israeli Studies”. History and geography of the land of Israel + official tour guide diploma and teacher diploma.

GEOGRAPHICAL TOURS – NEOT HAKIKAR ORGANIZATION LTD: 1993 Graduate for professional overseas tour guide (specializing in the Middle East).


  • 1990 – 2013 – guiding and lecturing all over Israel. Lecturer abroad for the Ministry of Tourism: see details on the attached.
  • 1995 – 2013 – Management of tourist sites and professional marketing of different sites throughout the country, specializing in Jerusalem and the desert regions.
  • 2000 -2013 – Manager of the national tour guides course, for the ministry of tourism. 
  • 2007 – 2013 – lecturer at the Ben Gurion University. The department of tourism and hotels management. 

My tour guiding experience extends over the past 21 years including domestic and overseas tourism, specializing in Jordan, Turkey, Greece and Crete.

Within Israel my professional guidance aims mostly for the academic population, as I deal especially with the biblical history and archeology of the holy land. Most of my lectures and guided tours are in Jerusalem and the south of Israel.

In addition, I give a lot of seminars for professional tourist guides in ancient Jerusalem, and the deserts of Israel.


History & archeology of the Land of Israel, History and Biblical studies; Desert tourism and the challenges thereof, Literature and etymology, Flora & fauna, geography and landscapes of Israel; the Middle East.

Partial Experience 

1997 – 2013 Guiding V.I.P guests for the government and for Jewish and Christian academic institutes and organizations.

1998 Leading a seminar for overseas Travel Agents and tour guides along the Nabatean Perfume & Spice Route in the Negev desert.

1999 Lecturing for international Tourist Guides on a field seminar along the Nabatean Perfume & Spice Route.

2000 – 2013 Director of the national tourist guides course for the ministry of tourism + senior guide and lecturer for students of that course all over Israel.

2005 – Two international conferences organized by the I.M.O.T in Washington and New York. The lectures were presented to leading travel agents of the US and other countries, exposing Israel as an outstanding destination, and focusing on new developments, such as The City of David.

2006 Leading a series of 4 lectures along the West Coast (US) for IMOT, highlighting Israel as a unique destination on the Eastern Mediterranean , and focusing on new developments.

2006 Lectures on behalf of the Municipality of Jerusalem and The City of David national park, highlighting the sites of Jerusalem at W.T.M London, and during an I.M.O.T- lead conference in Paris for promoting tourism to Israel.

2006 – 2007 Lectures held to overseas travel agents attending I.M.T.M, highlighting Israel as a developing destination on the Eastern Mediterranean, and focusing on the new developments in Jerusalem.

2007 – 2013 Teaching at the Ben Gurion University – the department of tourism and hotels management.

October 2012 – Leading a series of 20 lectures in the U.S.A and Canada for I.M.O.T, focusing in new archeological discoveries in Israel, and presentations to tour agents from different regions in the U.S.

March 2013 – Leading a series of 16 lectures in the U.S.A for I.M.O.T, focusing in the Christian market, regarding new archeological discoveries in Israel.

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