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An Historic Stroll Through Modern Jerusalem – Getting off the steamy platform of the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, you stretch your cramped legs from the long ride

You feel the urge to breath some fresh air and you don’t desire to look for another “comfy close” ride.  Its in this kind of situation that the perfect touring remedy would be an historic walking tour through modern Jerusalem! So Pull back your shoulders, get a drink of water and head out the doors for some refreshing!

You can begin by making your way eastwards along the highway towards Jerusalems largest public Park,  Sochar Park. This is the slightly pathetic but parallel to the NYC “Central Park” ; Both being a public hang ou, cultural center and a city Green Artery. As you reach its corner head right, up towards the Supreme Court Building.

The original structure was erected after the war of Independence in the Russian Compound but in the 90’s it moved to this location. Built by the Rothchild foundation the structure lacks not in symbolic motif. Its circular arches and combination of Modern and Ancient times make it once of the most interesting structures in Jerusalem. It is worth a visit and offers local tours.

The Supreme Court in Jerusalem

Photo: Ron Peled

From the backdoor of the building you can step our right into the beautiful Rose Garden, built to resemble the famous Mandate Flower Garden, where the British would host their political guests on arrival to Jerusalem. Other than the site of 400 different kind of Roses one can catch a great view of the Israeli Parliament house- the Knesset.

This structure was first erected in Telaviv in 1948. This was due to the fact that the war only ended in 1949 and only then was it safe to bring the parliament to Jerusalem. Nevertheless, this structure would continue to move around the different locations in Jerusalem but would finally set its roots on the top of this very hill. Like the Supreme Court it too was built by the Rothchild foundation (note that the rode leading up to it is named after Rothchilds nickname “The Generous”). The Knesset too offers local tours in different languages and hours.

The Israeli Parliament

Photo: Ron Peled

After receiving our law and politics portions of Jerusalem, I suggest making our way down the road to the famous Israeli Museum. This structure contains items like the Dead Sea Scrolls and archeological findings from all periods and all over Israel. A must site that should not be missed. Tours too are offered here but each and every item has an English explanation next to it so one can spend days and weeks wondering around the permanent and changing exhibitions.

The Shrine of the Book, Jerusalem

Photo: Ron Peled

And now that we had our cultural fit I suggest taking a nice nature stroll down the back way of the Israel Museum, down towards the historical isolated monastery of the Valley of the Cross. It is said that Constantine himself build the original 4th century structure on the very place Jesus Cross was taken from. The Structure today dates back to the 11th century, Georgians who built and held up the monastery. The place is quaint and peaceful and the monks are very kind and hospitable.

Depending on how fit or tired you are you have the choice to grab a bus to the city center, CBS or even walk back along the extended bike/walking path through Sochar park.


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