Holy Grail Tour in Jerusalem

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The Holy Grail represents the secret doctrine in Christianity. The secret of the life and teaching of Jesus was passed to Joseph of armetia and the grail keepers

In the churches of Jerusalem we find traces of the secret tradition connected with renegade Christian orders like the Templers and free masons.

We will start our tour in the room of the last supper on mount Zion were Jesus passed the cup around and said to the disciples: this is my blood you are drinking, we will visit the nearby dormition church and get an introduction to Christian cosmology and symbolism as it appears in the church.

The Virgin Marry – The Holy Grail?

Photo: Zeev Ben Arye

From there we will walk to the holy sepulchre were we will see representations of 3 sacred objects: a sword, lance and chalice which represent the sword of wisdom, spear of destiny and the Holy Grail. We will speak about this objects and the chivalric order still existing in the church.

We will continue our tour by visiting places connected to the Templers, who started in Jerusalem and had their base there, and the free masons who built some extraordinary buildings in Jerusalem revealing in stone their secret doctrine.

The Dormition Monastery on Mt. Zion

Photo: Ron Peled


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