Candles and crowns of thorns – Christian Quarter Road

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The Christian Quarter Road is one of the most vibrant streets in the Old City

It is primarily used by Christian pilgrims coming to Jerusalem and therefore many of the shops offer a variety of sacred objects and Christian souvenirs, such as rosary beads, candles and replicas of Jesus’ crown of thorns, alongside Judaica objects.

Pilgrims in the Via Dolorosa

Photo: Ron Peled

Christian Quarter Road is the oldest main road in the Old City in general, and the Christian Quarter in particular, and we know this by studying its length and breadth relative to the other streets in the Old City. In excavations carried out on the street, archaeologists discovered large, grooved stones that date back to the end of the Roman Period (end of the 3rd-4th centuries, CE). 

The Muslim Market in the old city

Photo: Ron Peled

From here we may continue northward to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, or if you aren’t too tired out from the sites and flavors you have experienced thus far, you may continue to wander around the bazaars of the Old City.


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