Pundak Ein Kerem in Jerusalem

Restaurant Kosher: 345
Street Address: 9 Ha-Maayan St., Ein Kerem
Phone Number: +972 2 6431840

    Pundak Ein Kerem has recently been relocated to a new and improved spot in a kept Spanish building, offering its guests a beautiful green garden, a terrace with terrific view, and a special room for hosting events.

    Pundak Ein Karem has been a successful restaurant for 25 years, and for a very good reason. The menu offers a variety of breakfasts, appetizers, and delicious main courses. A recommended starter would be the roasted eggplant, or the merguez sausages in tahini sauce.

    Moving on to the mains, your pallet will be more than happy to receive the whole Gilt-head bream, baked in the oven with various herbs. The pizzas and the focaccias are made on the spot in the restaurant’s dedicated bricks oven.

    Further Information

    Address: 9 Ha-Maayan St., Ein Kerem.

    Tel: +972 2 6431840

    Pundak Ein Kerem is Kosher


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