David’s Harp

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The Old City
Restaurant Kosher: 345
Street Address: Har Tzion, next to the Old City
Phone Number: +972 52 6337152

    David’s Harp is located in an ancient Crusader Khan on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. If this description does not motivate you enough to stop by, we may also tell you that the menu consists of natural raw materials, and the dishes are served in clay pottery which were created especially for the restaurant by various artists. 

    The restaurant boasts colorful and inspiring local foods, brought to you directly from the restaurant’s chefs, Anat Lev Ari and Amit Cohen. Among the courses are exquisite olive oil and moss from the Judean Mountains, Lamb in wine, green wheat stew and other specialties of the local cuisine.

    David’s Harp offers various options for private events and hosting: family events, and a special group’s menu, guided tours and workshops, and everything is accompanied by a rich biblical menu.

    Further Information

    Address: Har Tzion, next to the Old City.

    TelL +972 52 6337152

    E-mail: harpofdavidyifat@gmail.com

    David’s Harp is Kosher

    Harp of David on Mount Zion

    Photo: Ron Peled


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