Caffit at the German Colony

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The German Colony Area
Restaurant Kosher: 345
Street Address: 35 Emek Refaim St., The German Colony
Phone Number: +972 2 5635284

    Caffit at the German Colony is definitely one of Emek Refaim’s most veteran and well known Cafes. In town for the last two decades or so, Caffit keeps its high culinary standards along with a warm an intimate atmosphere.

    The menu is mainly identified with the Italian cuisine, but flavors from all over the world easily blend with local ingredients, and Jerusalem charm. The menu offers rich breakfasts, salads, fish, and a large selection of pastas generously dipped in various sauces, and prepared on the spot.

    The warm design is suitable for business meetings, as well as for a romantic evening, or just a solo meal that will spread a smile on every face.


    Further Information

    Address: 35 Emek Refaim St., The German Colony

    Tel: +972 2 5635284

    Caffit is Kosher


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