Acardia – Jerusalem

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City Center
Restaurant Kosher: 346
Street Address: 10 Agripas St. Jérusalem
Phone Number: +972 2 6249138

    Arcadia is one Israel’s leading chef restaurants, which has reaped many raving reviews by local and international chefs ever since it opened in 1995.

    The restaurant is located in a charmingly beautiful courtyard, between Jaffa and Agripas street, with a decor to match, but above all, Arcadia is an up-scale restaurant for people who appreciate and understand the quality of gourmet food.

    Chef Ezra Kedem likes to fuse together French and local Mediterranean cuisine, emphasizing fresh local ingredients. The menu offers various colorful courses of fresh fish and meats, cooked in a unique fashion and served with fresh vegetables.

    Arcadia has been a part of Jerusalem’s culinary scene for quite a while, and has proven beyond a doubt that when it come to quality and reputation, it have no competitors.

    Further Information

    Address: 10 Agripas St. Jerusalem

    Tel: +972 2 6249138

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