The secret of the disappearing garden – In the early 1980s the Mormons wanted to build a campus in Jerusalem. Teddy Kollek, mayor of Jerusalem at the time, was willing to allocate them a plot of land on the western slopes of Mt. 

Scopus, but suspicion surrounding the Mormon mission raised much opposition in Israel which quickly reached the Knesset halls. In the wake of this controversy the Mormons pledged that local students, neither Jews nor Muslims, would not be permitted to study at the Jerusalem branch of the university, only students who came from abroad. 

The Mormon University also raised donations for the opening of the park in Emek Tzurim, at the foot of their new campus. 

The Orson Hyde Memorial Park covers an area of eight dunams (around two acres) and contains lovely spots with natural woodlands and spectacular views of the Kidron Valley and the Old City.