The Biblical Zoo

The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens In Jerusalem is pleased to welcome you to the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem – The Biblical Zoo

The Zoo exists today because of the joint efforts and investment of the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Foundation, the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Ministry of Tourism. Designed by the architectural firm Miller-Blum Environmental Planning Inc. the Zoo was planned to blend gracefully into the surrounding landscape, with spacious exhibits for a wide variety of animals.

Go forth from the Ark, thou, and thy wife, and thy sons, and thy son’s wives with thee. Bring forth with thee every living thing that is with thee of all flesh, both fowl, and cattle, and every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth:”      (Genesis 8, 16-17)

The Biblical Zoo

Photo: Ron Peled

There are over 1000 mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, representing more than 140 different species to be found in the Zoo. The zoological collection focuses on two main areas: The first, maintenance of a collection of animals mentioned in the Bible, a majority of which are extinct from the Israeli wild, and the second, preservation of animal species classified as rare or in danger of extinction.

Conservation and breeding of these species is one of the most important roles of modern zoos worldwide. The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is a participant in more than 15 breeding projects for rare or endangered species. These projects attempt to reintroduce some of these species back to their natural habitat. Another goal of the Zoo is education.

The Zoo has an important role in creating in all its visitors an understanding and respect for animals as well as promoting ecological awareness through educational and informational activities.

Great effort has been made to cultivate a unique site in beautiful surroundings, with a cultural environment open to all. We hope that your visit to The Biblical Zoo will be a pleasant, exciting experience.

We ask you to help us keep the park orderly and clean, to follow the rules and to respect the animals. The Zoo continually makes every effort to present you with new exhibits and interesting activities on a regular basis. You are invited to visit us over and over. We wish you an enjoyable visit and hope to see you again soon!

General Information & Tour Paths
The Biblical Zoo is spread over 250 dunams and is built on two levels. The lower level is constructed around a system of lakes. On the upper level visitors will find many of the larger exhibits. Along the paths there are no stairs. These paths have easy access for pedestrians, baby carriages and the physically challenged. Along the way are benches and water fountains and we have added two new visitors paths, for your convenience.

The Zoo Train
The starting point of the Zoo train is at the Squirrel Monkey exhibit. There are stops at the Bear exhibit, the Noah’s Ark Visitor Center and the Hippopotamus exhibit. You may reboard the train at the Visitor Center and the Hippopotamus exhibit. The final stop is at the Flamingo Pond. You must purchase a ticket to ride the train. You may get of the train at the Bear exhibit and get on again at the Noah’s Ark Visitor center and the Hippopotamus exhibit for no extra charge.

Groups can order tickets at a special rate. The train is accompanied by a guide (Hebrew). The Zoo management reserves the right to cease operation if there are too many people in the Zoo to ensure visitor safety. The recommended route is to ride the train to the Bear exhibit and continue on by foot.

The Noah’s Ark Visitor Center
The Noah’s Ark Visitor Center is located at the far end of Bibleland Wildlife Preserve. From the ark, one can observe the African Savannah exhibit. Entering the ark one can enjoy the art gallery featuring various artists, an auditorium, interactive computer stations and a gift shop.

The auditorium features the film “The Return of Noah’s Ark” and the computer stations allow visitors to explore the world of biblical animals and animals found at the Zoo. A cafeteria is located on the upper level of the ark, where one can enjoy refreshments and a glorious view of the Zoo and surrounding landscape. Please observe the rules of the ark.

Information and Education
The office, auditorium and classrooms of the education department are located near the entrance to the Zoo. The education department provides guided tours for schools and other groups. During the school year there are nature classes for students and during summer vacation, day camps are available for children. Guided tours must booked in advance.

Membership Plan
We would like to invite you and your family to become members of the Zoo. An annual membership gives unlimited entrance to the Zoo, discounts at the Zoo shop, a monthly copy of the Zoo newspaper “Propil” (in Hebrew) and many other benefits.

If you decide to join our Zoo family, please show your same day entrance ticket to the cashier when you purchase your membership and the admission price will be deducted from fee (on weekdays only). This service is available only during the times that the ticket office is open. There is no registration or membership renewal on Saturdays, holidays or during Hol Hamoed.

The Friends of the Zoo Society
The society was formed to assist the Zoo with its many projects. Members give of their time and money to advance the objectives and goals of the zoo. You are cordially invited to join the Friends of the Zoo Society and be a part of this great effort! Contact the main office for more information.

The Animal Medical Center
The Phyllis and Otto Frey Animal Medical Center gives professional medical treatment for all animals great and small, and supports research projects that deal with breeding and conservation of extinct species.


Rules for Visitors
1. Do not feed the animals!
2. Open fires and barbecues are not allowed in the Zoo.
3. Do not climb over barrier fences.
4. Do not litter.
5. Please follow the instructions on the signs and directions of the Zoo staff.
6. Pets are forbidden within the Zoo.


Our souvenir shops are open weekdays. You will find a wide selection of gifts and toys.

Food and Beverage Facilities
The main snack bar is located near the Zoo entrance. It operates during regular visiting hours. Additional snack bars are located in the Children’s Zoo and Noah’s Ark Visitor Center. These are opened during times of high visitor demand.


Zoo Hours
Sunday – Thursday: Winter                     9:00-17:00
                                 Spring/Fall              9:00-18:00
                                 Summer Vacation   9:00-19:00

Friday / Holiday Eve:                               9:00-16:30

Saturday / Holiday:   Winter                    10:00-17:00
                                 Summer                 10:00-18:00
Tickets are sold until one hour before closing.


A number of buses reach the Zoo: Bus # 26 from Mt. Scopus and the Central Bus Station, Bus # 33 from Har Nof and the Jerusalem Mall, and the “The tourist line”. It is recommended to come to the Zoo by Israel rail.


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