The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Bezalel was established in 1906 by artist Boris Schatz, as the “Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts”

Bezalel is unique in its ability to respond to cultural changes, as demonstrated by the  artistic breakthroughs it has shown. Bezalel takes enormous pride in its many generations of graduates – artists, designers and architects at the cutting edge of their fields in Israel and all over the globe.

The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design is first and foremost a large array of talented and  inspired artists. Both the faculty and the student body are driven by a passion to create and by their meticulous attention to quality and excellence. These two cornerstones have placed Bezalel at the epicenter of Israel’s cultural discourse and artistic scene, making it instrumental in shaping and enriching the country’s cultural identity.

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Photo: Ron Peled

Bezalel has a broad and multifaceted scope of professional and artistic activities, ranging from crafts, such as the design of ceramics, glass, accessories and jewelry, which preserve ancient techniques together with state of the art techniques, and maintain workshops  and fine art, sculpture and photography. State-of-the-art digital technology used in industrial design, animation, video art and visual communications.

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