Museum on the Seam

The Museum on the Seam is a socio-political contemporary art museum. The Museum presents art as a language with no boundaries in order to raise controversial social issues for public discussion

Through the works of artists from Israel and abroad, the museum invites the visitors to examine the degree of influence of the social environment on the individual and vice versa.

Between the local and the universal, between pluralism and extreme ideologies, the message of The Museum calls for listening and discussion, for accepting the other and those different from us and respect for our fellow man and his liberty.

The Museum is examines the social reality within our regional conflict, to advancing dialogue in the face of discord and to encouraging social responsibility that is based on what we all have in common rather than what keeps us apart.

Between May 2005 and June 2008 the Museum has presented a series of exhibitions on the theme of human rights. The series was opened with DEAD END that dealt with the threat that violence poses to our social fabric.

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Phone: 02-6281278

Address: Museum on the Seam,

4 Chel Handasa st.,

P.O.B. 1649, Jerusalem 91016


Opening Hours:

Sun-Thu 10:00-17:00

Fridays 10:00-14:00



Holidays & Saturdays – closed

Private tours groups by advanced reservation.

Museum on the Seam

Photo: Ron Peled


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