Museum of Psalms

The Psalms (Tehillim) occupy a vital place in Jewish liturgy and ritual practice. Their recitation occupies a great deal of the prayer service, they accompany moments of great joy and great sorrow.

In the back of the sleepy courtyard off Jaffa Road where Avraham Kook, yishuv (pre-state Jewish settlement) spiritual leader beloved by both religious and secular pioneers, once lived, you’ll find the brightly painted entrance to the Museum of Psalms. It houses a collection of one artist’s Kabbalistically informed painted renderings of each of the 150 Psalms.

The work tends toward the psychedelically abstract – many of the paintings would be perfectly at home on a bootleg Grateful Dead T-shirt, and a certain lysergic sheen seems to coat some of the work – but the free admission makes it worth a look. Unfortunately, many of the paintings have been improperly cared for and have, as a result, become heavily warped and water damaged.

Website: Click Here

Phone: 02-6230025

Address: 9 Harav Kook St.

City Center/Mamilla,



Opening Hours:

Sun – Thu, 10:00 – 17:00
Fri,  10:00-13:00
Holidays – closed

Museum of Psalms



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