Menachem Begin Heritage Center

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center is the official state memorial project commemorating one of the greatest Jewish leaders in the 20th century

The name of Menachem Begin is indelibly linked to the chronicles of the Jewish people as the Commander of the Irgun, Leader of the Opposition in Israel’s Knesset and as Israel’s sixth Prime Minister. The Center is the nation’s tribute, preserving the legacy of a courageous fighter and fearless leader who worked for the freedom, future and security of the Jewish People in its own land.

The Center is located on the Hinnom Ridge, overlooking Mt. Zion and the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City. It contains a museum which provides an exciting experiential visit as well as archives, a library and a research institute. The Center promotes regular on-going activities of commemoration, research, education and information on Menachem Begin’s heritage.

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center & the Scottish Church

Photo: Ron Peled

Part of the State Archives, it collects all historical material connected directly with the life and achievements of Menachem Begin in all aspects of his life.

Research Institute sponsors conferences, lectures and colloquia in cooperation with universities and other research centers. The institute awards prizes for outstanding academic research work at its annual competition.

The Junior Knesset
This educational program is ran in middle-level schools and enhances the pupils’ learning ability in the field of civic education and the study of Israel’s parliamentary system.

Educational Unit
The Center operates varied programs and tours for school pupils, soldiers and young visiting from abroad.

Contains many volumes on various research areas as well as books from Menachem Begin’s personal library.

The Bet Menachem Synagogue sponsors Bible study frameworks and is open for prayers.

Conference Center
Located near the city’s center and in close proximity to many of its major hotels and leading cultural and entertainment institutions, private and public organizations are offered an all-purpose choice of facilities such as seminar and meeting rooms, including a 300-seat auditorium.

Archeological Garden
The Al Reich Archeological Garden preserves remarkable discoveries, rich in history, found on this site and dating back the First Temple Period through to the Ottoman period.

The Museum
The Center’s museum is an experiential, multimedia exhibit telling the story of one of the most important chapters in the history of the State of Israel through the life of Menachem Begin.

The museum takes visitors on a time-journey that includes historical reconstructions and reenactments, rare dramatic documentary videos, interactive touch-screen exhibits, striking presentations and a surround sound narration.

Visitors are “invited” to experience firsthand and to “take part” in the different chapters of Begin’s life – his childhood on Poland, his years as the commander of the Irgun, the leader of the Opposition and finally, as Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

“Eighty minutes marked by Love of Zion and a lesson in democracy. A message that echoes with the willingness to risk one’s life in the anti-British underground as well as refusing to raise a hand in a fratricidal clash – ‘never will be there any civil war’. So much history and so much for current affairs.”
(Dan Margalit, “ma’ariv” newspaper)

And within our Homeland, justice shall be the supreme ruler, the ruler over all rulers. There must be no tyranny. The ministers and officials must be the servants of the nation and not their overloads. There must be no exploitation. There must be no man within our country – be he citizen or foreigner – who is compelled to go hungry, to want for a roof over his head or to lack elementary education. ‘Remember you were strangers in the land of Egypt’ – this supreme rule must continually light our way in our relations with the strangers within our gates. ‘Righteousness, righteousness shall you pursue’ will be the guiding principle in our relations amongst ourselves.

(From a May 15, 1948 speech made by Menachem Begin marking the establishment of the State of Israel and broadcast over the Irgun underground radio)

The Menachem Begin Timeline

August 1913        Born in Brisk, Shabbat Nachamu
January 1939      Appointed Head of Polish Betar
May 1939            Marries Aliza (Alla) Arnold

White Nights
September 1940  Arrested by the Soviet NKVD
March 1941         Found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment

April 1942            Arrives in Eretz-Yisrael as a soldier in the Anders Army
December 1943   Appointed Irgun Commander and goes underground
February 1944     Declaration of Revolt against the Mandatory Regime
November 1945   Establishment of the United Resistance Movement
July 1946             Bombing at the King David Hotel; URM dissolved
May 1948            Declaration of Israel’s Independence
June 1948           Altalena Affair

Herut in Opposition
August 1948       Establishment of the Herut Movement
September 1948 Disbandment of the Irgun
January 1949      Elected to the First Knesset
January 1952      Leads the protests to the Reparations Agreement
April 1965            Establishment of the Gahal Bloc
June 1967           Minister-without-Portfolio in the first unity Government
August 1970       Gahal leaves the government coalition
September 1973 Establishment of the Likud

Political Turnabout and Prime Ministership
May 1977            Likud election victory; begin becomes Prime Minister
November 1977  President Sadat visits Israel on Begin’s invitation
September 1978 Camp David Accords signed
December 1978  Together with Sadat, awarded Nobel Peace Prize
March 1979         Peace Treaty with Egypt signed
June 1981           Bombing of Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor
June 1981           Likud victory in 10th Knesset elections
June 1982           Beginning of Operation ‘Peace in Galilee’
September 1983 Resigns as Prime Minister
March 1992         Dies on March 4; Buried on Mt. of Olives

Pre-registration for Museum Visit is Obligatory

Hours of Opening:
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:00-16:30
Tuesday                                                      9:00-19:00
Friday and Holidays Eve                             9:00-12:00

Hours may alter on eves of Holidays and during vacation periods.

The Museum commentary may be heard in: Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center   6 Nahon St., Jerusalem 94110
Phone: (972-2) 02-5652020   Fax: (972-2) 02-5652010


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