Jerusalem Print Workshop

The Jerusalem Print Workshop located between the east and west of the city, is an art center dedicated to the advancement of printmaking in Jerusalem and Israel

The workshop was founded during 1974 by the artist Arik Kilemnik –  the winner of the 2001 Teddy Kollek Jerusalem Foundation Prize – as a non-profit organization for the benefit of the public. Kilemnik’s vision was to create a home for artists and artistic activity in Jerusalem as well as an educational center that will combine the preservation of traditional techniques alongside the development of new technologies, and which would thus ensure the direct continuation of the splendid tradition of Hebrew printmaking in Jerusalem and in Israel.

Since 1977, the workshop has been located in a picturesque building from the Ottoman Period, situated in the Morasha neighborhood on the seam line between the east and west part of the city.
In its 37 years of existence the Jerusalem Print Workshop has become one of the leading art and cultural institutions in Jerusalem. It is a home to the activity of the best Israeli artists coming from different societies in Jerusalem, in Israel and abroad. It is a centre for the teaching of the techniques of printing both to artists and the general public, an active gallery, and a rich art library. It became well-known in the local and international art field and became a focus for artists and seekers of culture from Israel and the world.
Artists invited to create at the Workshop
Artists from Israel and abroad are invited to create prints and artist’s books in full cooperation with the team at the Workshop. Despite its small budget, the workshop finances the whole creative process from the sketch stage to the final printing of the series and the artist’s book, and enables the artist to apply himself maximally to the process of printmaking. The process of printmaking is complex and lengthy. The invited artist can spend a few weeks at the workshop and sometimes several months and during this time will work closely with the master printers of the Workshop.

Open Workshop for Artists
Artists from Jerusalem and from all over the country and graduates of the Workshop courses are invited to create independently during the hours of activity at the Workshop. The equipment is at their disposal, as is the professional advice of the team. The Workshop sees this as a mission, enabling independent artists to broaden their creativity to the field of printmaking.

The Prints and Artist’s books Collection
During its 37years of existence thousands of print works have been created at the Workshop by the leading artists in Israel. The collection of prints and artist’s books owned by the Workshop is of the highest quality and the largest in Israel and represents a wide cross-section of Israeli art in terms of the original print.
It is impossible to exaggerate the collection’s value and importance to Israeli art and we feel responsible and obligated to maintain and preserve it.

The Gallery
The Workshop gallery has become a place of significance and influence among artists in Jerusalem and Israel. Numerous exhibitions have been held during the years and these have given expression to the best works of Israeli artists. The gallery has an annual programme which includes at least 6 exhibitions a year, most of them curated and produced by the Workshop team. In addition, the Workshop initiates exhibitions held in other galleries and museums in Israel and the world, and also collaborates with other art institutions. In the framework of the exhibition, discussion evenings, study days and lectures are held. The galleries, and all its associated activities, are open to the public free of charge.


Jerusalem Print Workshop
38 Shivtei Israel St., Jerusalem 95105
Telefax: 02-6288614

Opening Hours: Sun -Thus: 08:00 -15:00, Friday: 10:00-12:00 or by appointment

The Print Workshop – Jerusalem

Photo: Ron Peled


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