Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem

A visit to the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem is an active experience for the whole family, Guided exhibition tours, science demonstrations and science theatre.

The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem is a wonderful place for family outings and different learning experiences. The Museum runs simultaneous exhibits and activities, encouraging children and adults alike to touch and activate.

This summer the Museum will present Footprints of Light, an active presentation that invites visitors to test the newest technology – light writing – using colored beams of light. The exhibition replicates an urban environment, with a marketplace, central clock, café, cinema, and pond. Children and parents (yes, grandparents too) are invited to cover a wall with graffiti, shoot stars into the sky, visit a café, launch a pendulum, create animated movies, pedal bicycles through the streets using a light brush, and leave fish-shaped footprints in the town pond. All this and more, through an innovative and unique technique of light writing that gradually fades until it’s ready for the next visitor…

There will also be guided tours, scientific demonstrations involving the audience, and a workshop along the lines of the inventions of young Phineas and Ferb, the popular characters from the Disney Channel.

The Auditorium is hosting a magical new show by Pyromania called Light in Motion, combining acrobatics and animation in an unforgettable performance.

Other exhibits at the Museum include: Innovations Inc., an exhibition that traces the sources of Israeli technological and scientific innovations, and Waterworks, a functioning exhibit set in shallow pools near a cluster of exhibitions that trace Israel’s water  sources and how water is treated until it flows out of our faucets. You can also take a nostalgic look at how early settlement in Jerusalem affected its water sources.

Illusions reveals how our minds delude us… The Name of the Game focuses on interpersonal relations. Other exhibitions deal with the universal qualities of communication, with electricity, with the technology of cranes and pulleys, and the scientific principles behind the attractions of a luna park.

The Science Museum in Jerusalem

Photo: The Science Museum

Guided tours are conducted every day, along with demonstrations and workshops for youngsters where they can experiment and build their very own ‘exhibit’ to take home.
On Saturdays, holidays, and during vacations, there are science demonstrations and interactive performances involving the audience and suited to the entire family.
The Bloomfield Science Museum invites you and your family to enjoy a very special learning experience.
The Museum is located near the Givat Ram campus at the entrance to Jerusalem, near the Israel Museum and the Science Campus of the Hebrew University. It faces the Government Buildings and the Knesset.     

Staff at the Bloomfield Science Museum creates, as its essential heart, exhibitions made up largely of interactive exhibits. Each exhibition is based on a theme, and all the exhibits relate to that theme. The themes are chosen for their intrinsic interest, for their relevance to society and to the school curriculum, and where possible to ongoing scientific research, especially in Israel. The themes are science-oriented, but in the broadest sense, to include the contexts of technology, society and art.

Most exhibitions  are created entirely in-house, though of course with outside advice and consultation where appropriate. The process starts with the decision on an appropriate theme. The staff then creates a list of possible exhibits, combining our own ideas with those of other science centers. Each exhibit passes through a detailed design and planning process, and is then constructed. In some cases, a prototype is built, to see if the idea really works and to fix parameters.

Kids can build small apparatus that present scientific concepts. Adults participate in exhibition tours that answer their intellectual needs. 

Contact: Email

Phone: 02-6544888

Address: Bloomfield Science Museum

Hebrew University

Givat Ram

Jerusalem 91904


Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday 10:00 – 18:00

Friday 10:00 – 14:00

Saturday 10:00 – 15:00

Sunday Closed


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