Christ Church Guest House

Regions: The Old City

Christian staff members and volunteers, called there by God from around the world, serve and minister to guests touring the Christ Church complex, or staying with us in the Guest House.

Facing the Guest House in the 19th Century Christ Church – the first Protestant Church in the Middle East – where visitors can pray and attend a number of weekly worship services. A few steps away is the site of the first British Consulate in Israel. Constructed in the 1820s, it is now home to CMJ’s Alexander College and the Conrad Schick Library for historical research.

Christ Church in the Old City

Photo: Ron Peled

Within the Guest House, visitors can enjoy refreshments or full meals in the Coffee Shop, or join in a Shabbat meal on Friday evenings. Living accommodation is comfortable, offering suites, single and double rooms. Guests can choose from the modern Nicolayson Wing, or travel back to the Persian and British Empire eras in the Alexander Wing.

The Guest House and its peaceful grounds, including a beautiful, secluded prayer garden, are conductive to quiet reflection, study, prayer and renewal.

The unique historical environment also enables visitors to learn about the countless inspiring contributions by CMJ and other Christians to the land and people of Israel. A CMJ Heritage Center, which includes the historic buildings, a number of 19th Century architectural models and many 19th century displays and photographs, chronicle the many events and notable individuals whose passion for the Lord led them to work and minister on behalf of the Jewish people.

Guests can also climb down the narrow stairs to the Herodian Tunnel Room under the floor. It was discovered when Christ Church was built in the 1840s.

Christ Church Ministry Center staff members are available to show visitors around the center, apprise them of events and sites available in and around the Old City, and arrange for study tours offered by Alexander College’s Shoresh Tours.

Old City View from the Immanuel Church

Photo: Ron Peled

For pilgrims and sojourners to Jerusalem needing a place to stay, few places compare to the historic environment of the Christ Church Guest House.

Located near the Old City’s Jaffa Gate, the Guest House is an integral part of the Christ Church Ministry Center. Outside this gated center, shopkeepers hawk their wares and tourists throng to the nearby Arab Market and the Old City’s many sacred sites. Within a short walk are the Western Wall, Temple Mount, Garden Tomb, Via Dolorosa and Mount of Olives.


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