Beit Shmuel – Mercaz Shimshon Hotel & Guest House


The building was designed by famous architect Moshe Safdie, as part of the Mamila project. The complex, with its Jerusalem view and blossoming greenery, offers a wide variety of services, including hotel and guest house accommodation, a conference center, educational programs and rooms, cultural and leisure activities and a glass-domed hall overlooking the Old City, for private events.

Each of the 41 rooms can accommodate up to six guests per room, suitable for couples, families, celebrations and conferences. Our guests are welcome to enjoy an array of educational and cultural activities, shows, private or group tours, as well as a short walk to the center of town, shopping centers and the night life of Jerusalem.

Guests may choose from the following accommodation options:

The eleven rooms are beautifully-designed, spacious and accommodate up to four guests in a room, creating an intimate atmosphere for couples and families.  Most rooms have balconies with a gorgeous view of the Old City and Tower of David.

Each hotel room offers guests LCD television screens with cable and satellite programs, free wireless Internet access, air conditioning and a fully-equipped bathroom.

Beit Shmuel – Mercaz Shimshon Hotel & Guest House


Renovated Guest House
Sixteen guest house rooms were recently renovated, and now offer a fully-equipped bathroom and separate toilet, central air conditioning, LCD television screens with cable and satellite programs, refrigerator and coffee station.

The rooms are suitable for social and family gatherings, accommodating up to 6 guests per room. The main area has seating and free wireless Internet access.

Guest House

Thirteen guest house rooms, accommodating up to six guests (bunk beds), offer wireless internet access, air conditioning, a shower and separate toilet. Most rooms have balconies with a spectacular view of the Old City. The rooms are suitable for youth groups and students.

A View to the Old City from Beit Shmuel & Merkas Shimshon


King David Apartment
Located on King David Street, adjacent to the King David hotel, the apartment is elegantly designed and furnished with a large living room with a LCD television screen and cable and satellite programs; a fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, oven and dining area. There is a parents’ suite and en suite bathroom, and a children’s room with a separate bathroom and toilet. The apartment has central air conditioning. The building has a heated swimming pool. Suitable for families.

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A Room at the Beit Shmuel



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