In the heart of the market you’ll find the magical Halva Kingdom. Its history dates back to the Maman Family roots in Morocco where the secrets of making Halva were passed on from father to son.

The Halva manufacturing process includes the import of sesame from Ethiopia, grinding it in a millstone and mixing it with sugar until the exact sweet flavor is achieved. In the Halva kingdom 101

different kinds of Halva are made such as Halva with cherries, coffee, pistachios and even passion fruit. 

Here you’ll also find the best organic tahina in the country which makes you want to eat it with a spoon. 

The owners promises additional branches opening all around Israel in the next few months.

Halva – Machne Yehuda Market

Photo: Ron Peled



12 Etz Haim St., Machne Yehuda Market, Jerusalem


Sun -Thu : 8:00-20:00, Fri : 7:00 0 An hour before Shabbat