Mahane Yehuda Market

In hidden corners one can find restaurants and bistro-bars which offer fresh extraordinary dishes, large bakery next to small boutique bakeris and a huge selection of fruits and vegetables of all kinds,shapes and colors, and aobe all, carries by the wind the aroma of freshly ground spices.

Old and new combine here perfectly as nest to old mythological places like the knife sharpener booth, new designer shop are opened; gourmet food next to home style cooking. Common sights are street singers who gather in the open air market, or Hasidic Jews who offer passer by the chance the put on Tefillin. This is a unique place with an exceptional mix of people and music that creates a distinctive wonderful atmosphere. Behind every counter and stand you can find a special amazing story.

Each merchant and peddler has their own personal tale. Here you can find people for whom the market is a home, a unique language and an entire world. Famous Chefs from the city’s most renowned restaurants scout the market, looking for the perfect ingredients for their  special dish. Tourists from all over the world come here to smell, touch and buy amid all this tempting colorfulness.

Mahane Yehuda Market

Photo: Ron Peled

Take a walk around, enjoy the colorfulness and the crowds of people coming here and then find a shaded corner and chill with a cold Malabi delight or a gourmet ice cream.

Getting there: The market is located between Agrippas St. and Jaffa St. Parking: municipal parking lots on and around Agrippas St. Other attraction in the area: Nachlaot neighborhood, the city center: Shlomzion Hamalka St., The small Bezalele pedestrian mall, Ben Shtach and Ben Sira Steets.

In many ways the Machne Yehuda market represents many of the values and inspiration of the famous La Boqueria Market in Barcelona…


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Hebrew website: שוק מחנה יהודה


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