Jerusalem Segway Tour – City of David

The City of David invites you to experience the hidden treasure of the lesser known yet magnificently beautiful paths opposite the Armon Hanatziv Promenade under the canopy of  trees in the Peace Forest.

Our Segway tour offers guests a nature experience in the heart of a sprawling city. Enjoy the breathtaking views and peaceful atmosphere of Armon Hanatziv’s landscape with Ancient Jerusalem unfolding to the north and the City of David standing at its center.

Tour LanguageWinter Summer 
Sun – ThurFridaySun – ThurFriday
Hebrew10:00, 15:0011:3010:00, 16:0010:00
English12:30 09:0013:0013:00


Segway Tours with the City of David

Photo: Lea Neheman

Segway Tours in Jerusalem

Photo: Avishag Elbaz

Segway in Jerusalem – City of David

Photo: Haim Tzach


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