Around Jerusalem

The Hoard of Gold Coins Along Highway 431 – Ramleh

This is the story of the discovery of an ancient hoard of coins among the ruins of Ramla – from the moment of discovery through laboratory testing and how the discovers drew historical conclusions

Gold Rush – Treasure Found in Ramla

During 1964 while digging for construction in the vicinity of the White Tower of Ramla 2 workers discovered a real treasure – 376 gold coins that dated more than a thousand years

The History of Ramla

Ramla is the only city in the Land of Israel that was originally founded by Muslims

Ticho House

Built in the early 1860s, this house was one of the earliest to be constructed outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem

A Strong Woman – the First Temple Period Version

A Rare 2,500 Year Old Seal Bearing the Name “Elihana bat Gael” was Discovered in Excavations of the Israel Antiquities Authority at the City of David, in the Jerusalem Walls National Park

Surprising Finds in Jerusalem’s Legendary Compound…

Surprising Finds in Jerusalem’s Legendary Schneller Compound: A Large Impressive Winery and a Roman Bathhouse were Exposed

Mahaneh Yehudah marke

Stories, smells and a bite of tastes

The German Colony

A tour along Emek Refaim, the main street in Jerusalem’s German Colony.

Magical Fountains and Gardens

alongside King David Street

The Dead Sea Scrolls – The Next Generation

Computer scientists and Dead Sea Scrolls scholars are building a digital work environment for one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century


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