Around Jerusalem

Inauguration of the Miqwe (Ritual Bath) Path in Jerusalem

On the Pilgrimage Route between the Secular and the Sacred:
Inauguration of the New Miqwe (Ritual Bath) Path at the Ophel Site in the
Walls Around Jerusalem National Park

Engravings of a Menorah & a Cross were Discovered

Engravings of a Seven-Branched Menorah and a Cross were Discovered by Hikers in an Ancient Water Cistern in the Judean Shephelah During the Hanukkah Holiday and Christmas Holiday Festivities

A Stone Bowl with a Rare Hebrew Inscription – “Hyrcanus”

The bowl is dating to the Hasmonean Period was Discovered In the archaeological excavations the Givʽati Parking Lot at the City of David, in the Jerusalem Walls National Park

A Document with the Name of Jerusalem – First Temple Preiod

A rare and important find was exposed in an enforcement operation initiated by the IAA’s Unit for the Prevention of Antiquities Robbery

From Here the Romans Breached Jerusalem’s City Wall…

Fascinating evidence of breaking through Jerusalem’s Third Wall at the end of the Second Temple period was discovered in an excavation the Israel Antiquities Authority is conducting in the city center

Mad about Jerusalem…

Not everybody can cope with the burden of history and the magnitude of the spiritual experience when they visit the Israeli capital for the first time.

Ancient Artifacts were Seized during a Raid on a Shop…

Hundreds of Ancient Artifacts that were Traded without a License were Seized during a Raid on a Souvenir Shop in Jerusalem’s Mamilla Mall

A Rare Cache of Silver Coins Dating to the Hasmonean Period

Excavation director, Avraham Tendler: “The cache may have belonged to a Jew who hid his money in the hope of coming back to collect it, but he was unlucky and
never did return”

Excavate the Judean Desert Caves and Save the Scrolls

The Israel Antiquities Authority and the Heritage Project is Promoting a National Plan to Excavate the Judean Desert Caves and Save the Scrolls from Being Robbed

A Flourishing Muslim City – Ramla’s Economy in the Middle Ages

Ramla is the only city in the Land of Israel that was built from the ground up by Muslims


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