Around Jerusalem

Blood vengeance in ancient times has been discovered in Jerusalem hills

The earliest evidence of blood vengeance in ancient times has been discovered in a cave in the Jerusalem hills

The Napolitano Christmas Manger

Jerusalem New Gate, Custodia Terræ Sanctæ

One Thousand Year Old Eggplant Discovered in Jerusalem

The earliest evidence of the arrival of eggplants in this Israel has come to light in the City of David, the archeological site of ancient Jerusalem

New discoveries in the Western Wall Tunnels

Excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority, with the participation of volunteers, have uncovered large portions of courses of the Western Wall that have been hidden for 1,700 years

Remains of decapitated toads found in a jar

The research revealed evidence of cultivation of date palms and myrtle bushes, perhaps as part of funerary rituals some 4,000 years ago

A collection of seals which bear ancient Hebrew inscriptions…

A collection of seals, some of which bear ancient Hebrew inscriptions, as well as additional new findings, from the City of David…

Ancient inscription unearthed near the Damascus Gate

The Greek inscription mentioning the Byzantine emperor Justinian, was exposed on a mosaic floor in a room that was probably used as a hostel for pilgrims

Evidence of the Babylonian Destruction Found in Jerusalem

The evidence were found in the Antiquities Authority Excavations in the Jerusalem Walls National Park at the City of David

Evidence of the Last Battle from 2,000 Years Ago

Two thousand years after the destruction of Jerusalem and fifty years since its liberation we are returning to the water cisterns, the market and the city square on the eve of the city’s destruction

Six-Day War artifacts in the Temple Mount Soil

Machine gun magazines, bullets, Jordanian coins, and uniform badges were found in sifting the soil from the Temple Mount


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