The  website is the result of a unique enterprise run by Ron Peled and Shahar Shilo.

The website is open to everyone and provides access to FREE, fascinating, up-to-date, innovative information about tours and outings in and around Jerusalem.

The site owners are professional content writers and tourism experts who write about, research, organize and guide tours for visitors to Jerusalem of every kind.

Other than offering an interesting, innovative site about the unique city of Jerusalem, we also provide V.I.P. tourist services for people wishing to visit the city and the surrounding areas.

We invite you to come in and check out our vast experience and to get to know us.

After reading a bit about us, we are certain that you will realize that we are able to help you plan your trip, tour and holiday in Jerusalem in the best way possible.

About Us:

Ron Peled

Born in 1972. Lives in Central Israel.

Education: B.A. from the Hebrew University in Economics and East-Asian Studies.
                   M.A. from Bar-Ilan University in Business Management and
                   L.L.M. from Bar-Ilan University in Law
Served as in the Education Corps of the Israel Defense Forces teaching about the history and geography of Israel, with an emphasis on the Old City of Jerusalem. Continued to guide in Jerusalem and the Jerusalem area after the army, working with all the important institutions in the city.

Works nowadays in the field of hi-tech and Internet, but also still writes about Jerusalem and takes professional photographs of the city and its different angles.  Manages the content of this site.

Photographer, writer and also has a regular column in the tourist section of YNET (חוּצלארץ בירושלים).  Provides expert advice about Jerusalem sites and tours on the radio, television and in specialized content.


Shahar Shilo

Born in 1967. Lives in Southern Israel. Married with 3 children.

Education: B.A. and M.A. in the Geography of Israel and in History
                  M.A. in Business Management and Tourism Marketing
                  Certified Tour Guide and Manager

Shahar Has guided groups in Israel and abroad for the past 20 years. Specializes in the biblical history of Jerusalem and in specialized desert tourism and tours that provide an intellectual experience.  Plans and operates tourism sites on the Internet.

Lectures at the Ben Gurion University in the Negev in the Hotel Management and Tourism department, with a special emphasis on excellence in service.  Teaches various subjects related to tourism in Israel and abroad.

Has had a variety of management, advisory and marketing jobs related to tourist sites throughout his career, such as: the Negev Development Authority, Tmna Park, Mini Israel, the City of Kings, Kfar Blum Kayaking, Kibbutz Afikim, Eilot Regional Council, Ein Gedi Tourism and many more.

Managed and ran the Ministry of Tourism’s Licensed Tour Guides’ Course for 10 years.
Has spent the last 5 years establishing the international marketing system for Jerusalem’s City of David tourism.

Continues to guide unique, quality tours for a variety of V.I.P s from Israel and abroad throughout all the years.


Toby Abrams

Born in the US but refuses to reveal her age backing it up with the “woman law”.
Lives in Jerusalem together with her 2 men; husband and son.

·      B.A in Middle Eastern Studies from Hebrew University
·      Certified Tour Guide
·      IDF spokeswoman
Jerusalem runs deep in Toby’s veins. Other than guiding for over a decade around Jerusalem’s countless sites, Toby has been involved in several international TV Travel Show productions. With fresh content, script writing and production she seeks out the different places, aspects, quarrels, secret corners and customs that have been overlooked and is ready to present them to you here on this site, keeping you in the “Jerusalem” loop and stimulating your attention for more.
Toby guides, manages, operates and writes tours and is endlessly updating you all about Jerusalem..


About this site:

•    A variety of  articles  about Jerusalem tourism (sites, places, history, archaeology, religion etc.)
•    Recommendations of Jerusalem Itineraries And Tours
•    A list of tour guides who specialize in Jerusalem including their recommendations on tours in the city
•     Around Jerusalem : Etzion Block, Judean Desert, Dead Sea, Abu Gosh and more
•    Myths, facts and anecdotes about Jerusalem (at the top part of the site)
•    Museums and accommodation in Jerusalem
•    Restaurants. Types of restaurant, how to get there, how to contact them. Photo gallery of the restaurants, etc.
•    Jerusalem Photos: photos of Jerusalem accumulated over a period of 20 years.  The photos are classified by subject and each photo has a title an a brief explanation.  Each photo leads to an article, video clip or other gallery that is linked to that particular photo.
•    Jerusalem Video gallery (the gallery is being built – your patience will be well rewarded!)
•    Detailed ListOfEvents: culture and tourism, including tours available and everything relevant to the visitor to Jerusalem.
•    Presentations on various subjects accompanied by photos and explanations
We hope you will find our site useful and interesting and look forward to seeing you soon in Jerusalem!

From Jerusalem with Love,

Ron Peled and Shachar Shilo, Owners and Content Editors of


ירושלים  Jerusalem  القـُدْس Gerusalemme   Ерусалім

 耶路撒冷  Jerusalén    Jerozolim  Jérusalem   Iarúsailéim

Jerusalém  Иерусалим  예루살렘  Kudüs      Йерусалим  जेरूसलम

 Ιερουσαλήμ   エルサレム    Yerusalem    Jeruusalemma   اورشلیم

Baitulmuqaddis  เยรูซาเล็ม  Jeruzalem  Xerusalén  Jeruzaleme 


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